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Multi-story fire erupts at Dubai hotel

  A massive, multi-story fire broke out in 63-story hotel in downtown Dubai hotel late Thursday, near where thousands of people had gathered to watch a New

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Amanda Blackburn killing part of eight-day crime spree

The teen accused of killing a pastor’s wife went on an eight-day binge of random and brutal violence even before he entered Amanda Blackburn’s house,

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Flooding intensifies as massive storm rolls across U.S.

A massive weather system that devastated parts of the South and Midwest roared north and east Tuesday, leaving flooding in its wake and driving ice,

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Sheriff: Mom plotted ‘affluenza’ teen’s escape

A Texas teen found responsible for a drunken-driving crash that killed four people in 2013 was caught in Mexico along with his mother, even though he had

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Sanders, O’Malley decry reports of plans to deport families

The Democratic presidential campaigns are denouncing reports that the Obama administrationis planning to deport families who have fled to the United States from Central America.

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The Donald strikes back: Trump attacks Bill Clinton’s ‘sexism’

Donald Trump is threatening to bring up Bill Clinton’s past with women if Hillary Clinton continues “playing the women’s card.” USA TODAY Donald Trump tried

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Trump shows complete domination of Facebook conversation

Donald Trump is reaching new heights in his domination of the political conversation on Facebook. In the week before Christmas, the GOP front-runner generated just

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Whatever happened to Deez Nuts?

 The 15-year-old rural Iowa boy behind the faux candidate ‘Deez Nuts’ talks about his campaign and the upcoming presidential election. VPC CINCINNATI — Life has mostly

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Obama most admired man; Trump tied for 2nd

Once again, President Obama tops the annual Gallup Poll for most admired man, although this year an intriguing pair is tied for second. Donald Trump and Pope Francis

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These year-end mistakes could cost you big time.

Many Flex Spending Accounts are use it or lose it. As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to use it! Saving expert Matt Granite

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